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Staking is Coming to the Helium Blockchain

The approval of HIP 25 introduces Validators to Help Strengthen Network Security and Performance.

Since the Helium Blockchain launched in July 2019, The People’s Network has grown at an impressive rate across the globe, despite the fact that it is primarily powered by consumer-grade hardware with basic internet connections. As the network continues to grow and support new applications, the network must become more robust, more secure, and more performant. Today, we’re excited to announce that HIP 25 was officially approved by the Helium community, and it was designed to do just that.

  • Stable IP and few ports (currently 2154 and eventually port 443) open to internet
  • DNS resolvable URL strongly recommend
  • Running on stable network connections (without things like proxies, NAT, firewalls, etc.), load is largely symmetrical when producing blocks, so good upstream recommended.
  • It is not suitable or recommended to attempt to run from a home internet connection.

Enabling the future of wireless connectivity

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