DeWi is investing more resources in the grants program to reinforce community driven innovation across the Helium stack.

The most significant upgrade to the Helium Blockchain since mainnet will vastly improve scalability, stability, and security.

Over $500k of grant funding has been awarded to our first 16 recipients

The Approval of HIP 27 paves the way for 5G coverage on the Helium Network and gives hosts a new way to mine HNT

Starting today, 1,000,000 HNT is available for grants and the application is open for submissions

The approval of HIP 25 introduces Validators to Help Strengthen Network Security and Performance.

New mining hardware is now available for order as we welcome three new third-party manufacturers to The People’s Network following the approval of HIP 19.

Industry Veteran Joins Decentralized Wireless Alliance as Newly Appointed Director of Operations

Decentralized Wireless Alliance

Enabling the future of wireless connectivity

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