The most significant upgrade to the Helium Blockchain since mainnet will vastly improve scalability, stability, and security.

Back in January of this year, the Helium community approved HIP-25, which proposed moving block production from hotspots to a group of validators. Since then, the Helium Network has grown by an astonishing 400%, including significant expansion in Southeast Asia. This week, with the activation of validators, the network overcomes a major scalability bottleneck and stability concern, while crossing another meaningful evolutionary milestone.

Several factors drove the adoption of validators. Low-power hotspots, while critical to the network, run mostly on consumer-grade internet connections meaning long block times, limits on the consensus group, and the potential for DoS attacks. All of…

Over $500k of grant funding has been awarded to our first 16 recipients

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance, the Foundation arm of the Helium Network (HNT), launched its grant program in February 2021. During the 45 day submission window, nearly 150 applications were submitted from both new and longtime Helium supporters. We’re excited to announce that over $500k worth of grants have been approved for the inaugural batch and 15 funded projects have already started work.

Given that this was the first instance of the program, we were thrilled to see a wide range of proposals and were blown away by the significant volume of applications from the outset. The large influx of interest…

The Approval of HIP 27 paves the way for 5G coverage on the Helium Network and gives hosts a new way to mine HNT

The Helium Network is revolutionizing commercial wireless networks by enabling individuals to own and host a piece of the infrastructure. The network was originally conceived on LoRaWAN, but the vision has always been to apply the same decentralized properties and economic incentives to other wireless networks. This month, the Helium Community took a major stride into the next wireless network. We’re thrilled to share that HIP 27 has been approved and paves the way for 5G on the Helium Network.

Helium Data Credits (DCs) were originally designed with a fixed ratio to data packets transmitted over the network. To bring…

Starting today, 1,000,000 HNT is available for grants and the application is open for submissions

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance (DeWi) exists as a community steward to expand and promote global peer-to-peer wireless networks. The Helium network and their open source technologies have made incredible strides as the leading distributed wireless network and DeWi has played an active role leading its governance process. It has always been our intention to make greater contributions and offer more resources to the Helium community, and to that end, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of the DeWi Grant Program.

The Helium community has been ambitiously devoted to improving and growing the network since its inception. With over 18,000 live…

The approval of HIP 25 introduces Validators to Help Strengthen Network Security and Performance.

Since the Helium Blockchain launched in July 2019, The People’s Network has grown at an impressive rate across the globe, despite the fact that it is primarily powered by consumer-grade hardware with basic internet connections. As the network continues to grow and support new applications, the network must become more robust, more secure, and more performant. Today, we’re excited to announce that HIP 25 was officially approved by the Helium community, and it was designed to do just that.

HIP 25 paves the way for commercial-grade validators to strengthen the network. Validators will operate on stronger hardware with faster network…

New mining hardware is now available for order as we welcome three new third-party manufacturers to The People’s Network following the approval of HIP 19.

To date, Helium, Inc., in partnership with RAKwireless, have been the exclusive manufacturers of Hotspot Miners. However, with the passage of HIP 19, third-party manufacturers around the world will have the opportunity to produce, sell, and compete on differentiated hardware that can serve the Helium Network in new and different ways. Today, three new third-party manufacturers are stepping forward to be the first to take advantage of the recently passed HIP: Nebra, EasyLinkin and

Industry Veteran Joins Decentralized Wireless Alliance as Newly Appointed Director of Operations

Today we’re proud to announce that Scott Sigel has officially joined the DeWi Alliance as its first Director of Operations, effective immediately. Scott has been a long-time supporter of the Helium community and is a familiar face to many. We are honored to have him, and we welcome his experience.

Scott hails from both crypto and traditional finance. Most recently, he served as interim Head of Strategy at Solana where he helped facilitate strategic partnerships, build liquidity, integrate critical market infrastructure, and grow its developer community. Before that, he worked closely with Arweave as a strategic advisor, and before that…

Issuance Halvenings, Net Emissions, and a Max Supply are Coming to HNT

After weeks of deliberations, the Helium Community has approved Helium Improvement Proposal 20 (HIP 20), a proposal that introduces a max supply for HNT and the concept of “halvenings,” which will ultimately reduces the supply of HNT every two years on the network’s genesis anniversary.

HIP 20 adjusts the economics of the Helium Network and introduces a max supply of 223M HNT. To date, 60.7M HNT tokens have been mined by miners around the world. Currently 5M HNT are mined every month. Starting on August 1st, 2021 (2nd anniversary of the Helium Network genesis block), HIP 20 will take effect…

The DeWi alliance and Helium community recently received a pair of proposals that aim to adjust the economic distribution of HNT. The proposals both take aim at the current structure which provides an incentive to arbitrage with “artificial” sensor data in order to gain increased HNT rewards.

We’d like to first thank community members abhay and charlesfayal for taking the time to submit these proposals and all of the community members who engaged with these proposals.

There has been rigorous debate on the economic structure and the two proposals to alter it. We’d like to thank the entire Helium community…

A global not-for-profit dedicated to the proliferation of a secure, cost-effective Internet of Things.

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of the Decentralized Wireless Alliance, a new stakeholder in the Helium ecosystem.

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance was created to serve one singular purpose: connect the world’s devices. The members of the Decentralized Wireless Alliance will work tirelessly to build a future in which there is permissionless, ubiquitous, cost-effective wireless connectivity for all humans and machines.

Billions of sensors powering smart cities — and a smart planet — will be connected to the internet. We believe that in the future, everything that can be connected to the internet is connected to the internet…

Decentralized Wireless Alliance

Enabling the future of wireless connectivity

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